How to choose the best blush for your skin type.

How to choose the best blush for your skin type.

Posted by Kett Cosmetics on 20th Apr 2021

Finding the best blush is as individual as shopping for the right lipstick. In addition to considering the color, formula and wearability are also key to finding the best fit for your skin type. Follow these 3 Pro Tips shared from Sheila McKenna, Founder of KETT Cosmetics, for choosing the best blush for your skin type, complexion and needs.

  1. Dry skin types should choose a creme or liquid formula to help maintain a hydrating look and finish.
  2. Normal skin types have it easiest when choosing. Liquid, cream or powder blush will equally create a perfect finish; it really comes down to formula preference.
  3. Oily skin types have the most difficulty choosing because products generally do not adhere or stay put as easy. Try layering a creme followed by a powder; this will provide the longest lasting blush for oily skin types.

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