Lashes In A Box No° 22 - Set of Ten


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LASHES IN A BOX - No 22: An elegant and natural looking false lash. A traditional flare style designed with short to medium crisscrossed hair adds volume, lash extension and natural curl. Crafted of premium human hair and hand-tied onto an invisible soft band. Weightless. Single layered. Black. Usage: five to eight wears.  BOX SET: 10 pair. 

LASHES IN A BOX, a leader in false eyelash design and the preferred brand by makeup artists and industry professionals. Each lash is meticulously handmade with the highest standards of craftsmanship using 100% sterilized hair and premium synthetic fibers. Vegan & Cruelty-free. 

Trim false lashes from the outer corner to fit your lash line, if necessary. Apply a thin line of adhesive glue along the base of false lashes. Bend the false lash into a horseshoe shape for 30 seconds while the adhesive becomes tacky. Position the false lash close to the base of your natural lashes & gently press down from the outer corner inwards.