Perfecting Your Base Layer

Perfecting Your Base Layer

Posted by Samantha Troy on 20th Apr 2023

Your base layer is literally and figuratively speaking the foundation of your makeup look. We’re bringing back the beauty of the basics to help you perfect your base layer, your newfound glazed glow will thank you! For an airbrushed finish, there are a few essentials to integrate into your routine to elevate your artistry to the next level and achieve a glass complexion.

First things first – stop skimping on skincare. Prepping and priming your face is a non-negotiable when trying to achieve a skin-like finish. Make sure you’ve used a moisturizer or facial oil all over your face, and bring any excess down to your décolletage. A Kett favorite is the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré. Allow your moisturizer to set while you prime your face using the T41 Esum Concealer Brush. Apply a small amount of your foundation directly to your high-traffic zones, such as the nostrils, smile lines, and the inner corners of your eyes. These areas will be harder to reach with an airbrush, so offering them the same level of coverage makes for a more even complexion.

Using your airbrush, always start out in the areas that have the most discoloration such as rosacea, redness, or scarring. Using fine art airbrushing techniques, use dot motions for smaller areas, and dashes or stroke motions for larger areas. Perform light, sweeping passes over areas with discoloration first as they will need fuller coverage. With the airbrush, it’s easy to build coverage to your liking. Whether you desire a very light, subtle base layer or a full coverage base, the airbrush allows you to control how much product is applied. When applying foundation to the face, hold the device perpendicular and 6 inches away from the area you’re airbrushing.

Remember, less is more! On average, a full face only requires about 6-8 drops of the Kett Hydro Foundation. If you’re striving for a dewy finish, blend your Kett Hydro Foundation with a drop of your favorite facial oil, making sure you mix the two well before you start the application. Hold your finger over the front of the device until it bubbles to ensure the oil and foundation have properly mixed.

Time for blush! To avoid a washed-out or dull complexion, add some color to your features. Go in with the Kett Hyro Blush, utilizing the same fine arts airbrushing techniques as before perform light sweeping passes over the apples of your cheeks to the top of your cheekbone where your skin meets your hairline. Once you’ve applied the desired amount of color, it’s time to set.

The Kett Sett Powder is a miracle product and holy grail! The translucent formulation leaves no residue behind, mattifying your features with every press of the puff. Invisible by design, your skin will never look dry or ashy and is ideal for all skin types. The powder works hard to reduce shine without adding texture, making it fit to perform in front of HD cameras and hold up under the scrutiny of intense professional lighting. Use a Pinky Puff or Pro Finishing Sponge to gently press the Kett Sett Powder to the areas you want to combat shine and preserve product for lasting wear; such as under your eyes, the sides of your nose, chin, forehead, and under your cheekbones. Anywhere you tend to get oily you can give a few extra gentle pats with the powder. Allow the powder to sit and set for about 5-10 minutes before wiping off the excess product.

To lock your work in place, spray your base with your favorite setting spray, we recommend Skindinavia the Makeup Finishing Spray. Voila! Your base is perfected.