The Must-Have Products to Keep You Camera-Ready!

The Must-Have Products to Keep You Camera-Ready!

Posted by Samantha Troy on 6th Jun 2023

Discover Our Holy Grail Products to Keep You Camera-Ready

Look your best - Even under the scrutinous lens of HD!

kett hydro bottles

Think of every photo opportunity as an iconic makeup moment! It’s vital to choose the right products to hold up under HD lighting, last all day, and keep you camera-ready. Luckily, we have a list of makeup must-haves designed for digital and guaranteed to make you look your best under the scrutinous lens of professional camera work and lighting!


The inevitable shift from analog to digital media served as a wake-up call for makeup artists when it came to picking the products they used for the job. Quickly, they realized the products they were accustomed to using projected very differently on video and print work when high-definition cameras were involved. Ultimately, HD technology forever changed the way we apply makeup since high definition magnifies everything by 200%! KETT Cosmetics mediums, from airbrush makeup to liquids to powders, were tested in front of digital cameras to ensure both the quality of the product and how it holds up under the lens, and how well it transfers to an image.

It’s important to have confidence in your special event product choices so you can focus on enjoying the occasion with the bonus of capturing great makeup and memories. If you’ve ever watched a program or live event, odds are you’ve seen your fair share of unblended contours and harsh or uneven lines! Avoid any makeup mishaps with professional-grade products and tools, designed to conceal imperfections and leave behind a well-blended, symmetrical look.



A silicone free, water-based foundation created for traditional and airbrush applications! Available in a wide range of shades, the Hydro foundation provides lightweight sheer to full coverage with a semi-matte finish, making it ideal for all skin-types. Whether airbrushing or applying traditionally, this innovative formula will look flawless and natural through the HD lens for professional use and for everyday wear.


Our Fixx Creme is a highly versatile, lightweight waterproof foundation that can be used in a multitude of ways from foundation and concealer, to blush and contour. It helps even out skin texture with its creamy formula that serves as a smooth base for your makeup while adding coverage and evening out your complexion. It works like a waterproof primer keeping your makeup intact. Whether you prefer using makeup brushes or beauty sponges, the Fixx Creme’s flexible formula can be used with either tool, giving you the ability to customize coverage from sheer to full! Naturally hydrating by nature, you can also add a facial oil for a sheer, glowing look. For fuller coverage, layer Fixx Creme underneath your airbrush application on uneven areas of skin to help smooth and diffuse for the ultimate camera-ready finish!

Pro Tip: Anywhere you apply Fixx Creme will become waterproof, so the potential tears of joy, perspiration, or warmer temperatures at your special event are no match for this high-performance formula!